Welcome to Rakuraku Acupuncture clinic

Flow of the treatment



Treatment only by appointment, then, make yours by phone or email.


 Medical record

Fulfillment of the medical record for person that come for the first time.

3. Consultation

Based on your medical record, we will make an consult on your symptoms and explain your doubts.

4. Explanation of the treatment

Explanation of the treatment for person that come for the first time.


 Corporal Examination

Corporal examination by palpation of your abdomen, the meridians, painful areas, verification of your pulse, etc.



Start your treatment with acupuncture, moxibustion and, if necessary, the massage of the meridians.



If necessary, advise you about some care in your daily life, food, use of the moxa in your home, etc.



Booking of your next session. But it is not mandatory, because you can do it by phone or email later.

Promotion/ Discount

・Website discount

  1,000 yen discount from consultation fee.

 (Please, tell you saw the website when inquiring)



*It is not possible the use of 2 promotions/discounts at the same time in one treatment session.


Contact & Booking

   By phone:




    By email:

Office hours: 8:00~22:00 (make your booking until 6 PM)

Treatment by appointment only.